Dr. Michael Bennett’s First Solo Book Effort, Two Masters and Two Gospels, Volume 1, is Now Published through Akribos Press and Available as a Paperback and Ebook at Amazon.com!

Akribos Press is proud to announce that Dr. J. Michael Bennett, scientist, inventor, business entrepreneur and producer and host of the influential Future Quake radio show for seven years, is now publishing his first solo book effort, the first in a series entitled, Two Masters and Two Gospels, Volume 1: The Teaching of Jesus Vs. the “Leaven of the Pharisees” in Talk Radio and Cable News, and initially available on Amazon.com in paperback and on Kindle in ebook form. Dr. Bennett’s previously published work in the fields of religious and sociological history and current events comprised his significant contributory role to the anthologies published by Defender Publishing, entitled How to Overcome the Most Dangerous Issues You Will Face This Century, and Pandemonium’s Engine, published in 2009 and 2011 respectively. This first volume of this series explores the roots of the strident nature and views of an evangelical community of Dr. Bennett’s cultural upbringing that have been the hallmark of the last few years in politics and public issues (and the public’s perception of them), and contrasts them with the simple and affirming values of their founder, Jesus of Nazareth. It finds the wealth and status-focused “establishment” views of what Jesus called the “Leaven of the Pharisees” as the culprit, spread not amongst the crowds of the faithful by whispering clerics during Jesus’ trial, but rather via the narrative-blanketing techniques of the modern media, as typified in talk radio and cable news. It further explores the disturbing foundations of the “other gospel” (which despises the poor and the stranger) promoted to captive Christian audiences from their radios and televisions (derived from generations of secretive Fortune 500-funded programs operated for generations to target their very clergy), the Gnostic underpinnings of their “gurus” and their messages they promoted, and even the fascist, anti-Semitic propaganda adopted by millions of gullible Christians derived from these same sources for generations. It considers these shocking revelations and reflects on the actions that today’s Christians should contemplate to return to their biblical values, and to “get out of Babylon.” Dr. Bennett will be discussing the contents of this book in numerous mass media outlets, and it will be further released in paper and electronic forms in other distribution and retail venues in the days ahead.

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Major international outlets now featuring the book include the Southeast Asia book seller E-Sentral, and the Swedish retailer Bokus.

Dr. Bennett’s written work can be followed on his publisher and author websites www.akribospress.com and www.mikebennettbooks.com respectively, his late-breaking views on his “Two Spies Report” blog (www.twospiesreport.wordpress.com), and his old radio show archives at www.futurequake.com.